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 Snips ~
A Poem that inspired a Book title

An Everglade of Dreams

As you emerge like the Dragonfly

from still waters

Into an Everglade of Dreams

Those wings reflecting each turn in life with such radiance

Fading shadows are left far behind, Where every bridge to another choice still rotates

As if lost for reason In fields of thought All that is shed can be left in the hands of the might Oak

A tree that has already stored a thousand years of wisdom.

Life in its raw state has its own motion, feel your Luminous Self

Transcending Pain

Will you acknowledge Truth?

As is manifests through your be-ing

The Mandala spins

As night draws us down

Tension slides, from resting limbs


Juliet Wicks

 Snips ~
A Poem inspired by The Lotus

Temple Garden

In a Temple Garden

On a Pond of Glass

The Lotus rises to an aperture of Light

Her Gifts unfold without ceremony

In Harmony with her given form

Where perfume lingers

And the Dragonfly waits ..

All Life is answering to changes

Anticipation builds

But she knows a Rhythm

That has kept her in this place

As the Winged ones Rise

A brief opening is there ..

For those who see with different eyes

A Summary of Existence passes ..

Juliet Wicks

 Snips ~
A Poem inspired by Ice 

Ice Whispering

Remembering – the Spirit knows

There is unimaginable depth,

To the smallest of springs -

Rising unseen but deeply felt,

 You can sit and wish, or hope,

But some longings are destined to be set adrift
Even where the strongest of desires have been forged,
And flames leapt from passion pushing you beyond euphoria

Look back and smile again at those poignant offerings
Thanking Creation for every moment
Of rare inspiration -
Acknowledging the journey,
The continual movement,
Like ice whispering
Pushing out,

From gently melting floes

Juliet Wicks

Every Universe that ever came into being

Has been your Oyster -

You are Sentinels, leaving footprints

Through this Wonder-Ship of Living,

Where Dreams are woven in

Magical Strands,

And All Life stirs to an inherent pattern

Evolving to Creation’s new designs -

With knowledge that was never lost

It waits, to be reclaimed

Suspended through Wishing Trees,

Gently swaying in textured light,

To every Instinctive Pulse –

A Melody of Guidance

And you are not measured by your climb

Through these glorious canopies -

But the fruits you taste along the way

Will linger on the palate, as if never enough.

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