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An Everglade of Dreams
Divine Voices

An Everglade of Dreams explores my own personal connection with the wild spaces on a Spiritual level - the  animals and trees, animals in care with their humans, Orbs , transient Beings of Light , and the deeply moving  Human spirit connection. Every Spirit message within the book is written exactly the way in which they are given to me.

Part 1 Wild Callings

The Polar bear is mentioned in my author notes within Part 1 - Wild Callings, with his relevance to my journey, he also left a timely & poignant message from his higher spirit for mankind.

A little Snip from Page 10

Majestic Wisdom of the Artic Bear 

 Mysteries are left where our footprints

leave a pool of shadow,

every texture created

is another part of the Mother,

who never sleeps while

her Children are restless ..

They welcome in the Dreaming,

bespoke of beauty & complexity

Within a system in constant flux,

always filled with vulnerability,

and the life forms she carries

will change along with her,

their senses heightened,

alert to the magnificence of Her visions,

whilst every living cell awakens ..

Beautiful polar bear sitting in centre of image on snow with northern lights in the backgr
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